What is ZeyBuffet?

The idea was born from the desire to share my passion for cooking. I was already working on a blog, following the advice of my thesis director and I had gotten used to organising tasting evenings with friends to put my skills into the test. It was an opportunity to share my culinary knowledge and exchange ideas about working with fresh products, creating new recipes or things i discovered during my travels.

As the sessions progressed and with the encouragement from my family and friends, the idea of creating an activity around cooking classes sprang up. With all this in mind and counting on my solid training in the field of cooking, nutrition I decided to take the leap and create ZeyBuffet.


I'm always happy to work with regular clients like busy families, children or elderly with special dietary needs, athletes who need regular meal prepping, those want to lose or gain weight, those who want to make a transition towards a plant based diet, as well as those who want to learn new specialties to impress their loved ones or who simply want a chef to animate their events with friends, family or partner. 

What is my educational background?

Coming soon...